The transition from analog to digital

The standard technology that equips a modern clinic is complemented by special equipment and technologies that are meant to allow the specialist to obtain safe, precise and minimally invasive treatments, without pain and in full comfort. We do not say that we are the most equipped clinic in the Republic of Moldova and among the most modern in Europe, but we let you be convinced of this certainty.

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The laboratory

Highly complex dental work, performed on natural teeth or implants, requires precision and very good quality materials. The laboratory of the Smile Dent clinic facilitates the precise manufacture of aesthetic, precise and resistant restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, implant prosthetic abutments, special anchoring systems and surgical guides.

Are you ready for a new stage of digital evolution?

Three-dimensional printing and digital design

Through this technology, the metal powder is melted and “printed” layer by layer, thus generating high quality products with a deviation of no more than 5 microns, given that a human hair has a diameter of approximately 100 microns! Sisma combines state-of-the-art independent design, thus guaranteeing top quality products as well as detailed and fast assistance.

Are you ready for a new stage of digital evolution?

Ultra-sophisticated design program

From a simple crown, to extended bridges, to a dental veneer of only 0.5 mm and to the most precise surgical guide, all this is possible thanks to the system consisting of a digital scanner in 5 axes with laser that allows recording micron fingerprint or pattern details.

Are you ready for a new stage of digital evolution?