When and how to treat the wisdom teeth

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Molar teeth or wisdom teeth are one of the major causes of addressing urgently to the dentist. Although some studies show that wisdom teeth appear to people who have bigger brains, they can bring substantial harm to the health of the oral cavity.

The age when  wisdom teeth usually appear is between 16-25 years. But the studies demonstrated that at 20% of people these teeth do not appear at all.

Even if they rise to maturity, these teeth do not differ greatly from others in conditions where they rise healthy, which means that they do not affect the adjacent teeth and they are involved in the process of mastication.

Symptoms that tell you that a wisdom tooth rises:

Painful gingival inflammation;

Headaches and pains in the ear zone;

Bad breath.

Given the fact that these teeth appear at the latest, but they have isolated  positioning and they are very sensitive and are predisposed to caries because they do not fulfill their masticatory function and because they are not sufficiently mineralized.

The most appropriate and spread treatment is the tooth extraction through local anesthesia.

Podgornii-Andrei-medic-stomatologPodgornii Andrei, dentist at Smile DENT: „Wisdom teeth are very sensitive especially during the summer. Usually we recommend their extraction in situations when they present serious gingival infections, they are seriously affected by caries (their position rarely allow complete caries treatment), they affects (through unnatural position) adjacent teeth, etc. The fair is that when you feel symptoms after which you recognize that wisdom  tooth appears or it is already rised and bother you, contact your dentist. Following the consultation the doctor will know to recommend the best and healthy solution. “


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