What are dental crowns and how they can improve your denture?

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Healthy teeth embelish the smile of any person. If you have suffered dental trauma that have affected the oral health as well as the aesthetic appearance of teeth, then you may need a treatment with dental crowns.

Dental crowns are dental prosthesis through which is covered the visible part (coronary) of the tooth.

You need dental crown when:

-The tooth is affected by caries in a proportion of 50 percent;

-Treatment by dental implant – dental crown finalize this procedure;

-You have dental injuries and you want to regain the beautiful teeth of another time;

-The lack of teeth










Cracked tooth, remodeling of the tooth for a dental crown, dental crown, cemented crown

Metal, metal and ceramic,  ceramic crown.

The application of dental crown occurs without pain and severe discomfort. There will be enough up to 7 days that you can later enjoy healthy teeth. Also, in a short time you forget that your tooth shell is an artificial shell.

Advantages of dental crown:

Aesthetic restoration of teeth;

Restoring the function of mastication of the teeth on which you have had problems;

– Removing the phonatation discomfort  (speech);

– Restoring the integrity of the dental arch;

Conservation and preservation of healthy dental parties over which was applied the dental crown;

Dental crowns can take up to 10 years if is observed the daily oral hygiene. It is important to brush your teeth twice a day, to avoid unhealthy foods but also the damaging habits such as gnashing of teeth and nail biting.

Medical advice :

Dr. Vadim Vetrilă, dentist at “Smile Dent”. “In our clinic we offer to patients a choice of different materials for dental crowns, certainly the best option remain the ceramic dental crowns. We recommend this procedure to persons who have already reached adulthood and want to have perfect teeth“.

The procedure for applying dental crown it is carried out as follows:

1. Prepared and isolated abutment for the fixation of dental crown;


2. Test of dental crown


3. Its fixation


4. The fixed crown


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