26Aug, 2015

Sensitive teeth – from what do they appear and how do we treat them

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Probably many of you confronted easy pains or dental discomfort when you have consumed hot foods or cold drinks. This discomfort and pains were caused by the fact that you have sensitive teeth. The sensitive teeth are the cause of the exposion of the middle layer of the tooth, called dentina. Usually, this layer is covered by dental enamel and cementum. The main factors that cause dental sensitivity are: – aggressive brushing of the teeth or the use of a too rough toothbrush; – gum affections which are caused by […]

6Aug, 2015

Make savings on healthy teeth

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We live in times when everything evolves and changes. We want new gadgets, exotic travel, expensive clothes, expensive beauty procedures and the list is endless. Sometimes, to manage everything we must make savings. But of course we can not save from what is most expensive – the health, including  those of the oral cavity. However, it is also possible to make small savings  keeping your teeth healthy and fulfill other desires. So to have healthy teeth and put aside some money: – It is not necessary to use an expensive […]