Summer tooth enemies

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Although we smile more often in summer, our teeth may encounter more problems namely during this season.

Ice-cream, cold beverages and iced drinks, as well as conditioned air, are the main factors that will make you consult a physician-dentist more often.

Although this summer dessert is in the greatest demand, ice-cream is also the greatest enemy of the teeth, which people shall be afraid of, especially those ones, whose teeth are already affected by caries or who have weak dental enamel. The reason is that as soon as you take in this dessert, you bring extreme temperatures into your oral cavity and this may affect tooth resistance and cause severe aches.

Cold beverages, iced and acid drinks are not good for your teeth too. Their repeated consumption may cause tooth hypersensibility – acute and insupportable toothache. If you, nevertheless, want to cool down with a fresh juice or a colder beverage, you are recommended to use a straw while taking in such beverages.

Conditioned air may not only make you catch a cold, but may also cause insupportable toothache. Hence, you shall avoid exposure to too low temperatures in comparison to the surrounding environment.

Dentist’s advice

Sergiu-Petcu-smiledentSergiu Petcu, a dentist at Smile DENT: ‘Summer is a season when a great part of people forget about their duties, inclusive of those ones presupposing the tooth hygiene and care. This is why a great deal of external factors may severely affect even the healthiest teeth. Namely people with higher tooth sensibility usually encounter tooth problems in summer. We recommend all people to be prudent, especially when it comes to foodstuffs and beverages, and to visit immediately a dentist when they encounter a tooth problem’.

Enjoy both delicacies and healthy smiles this summer to the equal extent!

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