Sensitive teeth – from what do they appear and how do we treat them

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Probably many of you confronted easy pains or dental discomfort when you have consumed hot foods or cold drinks. This discomfort and pains were caused by the fact that you have sensitive teeth.

The sensitive teeth are the cause of the exposion of the middle layer of the tooth, called dentina. Usually, this layer is covered by dental enamel and cementum.

The main factors that cause dental sensitivity are:

aggressive brushing of the teeth or the use of a too rough toothbrush;

– gum affections which are caused by poor dental hygiene;

– not treating the caries;

– gnashing of teeth;

– frequent consuming of foods and drinks that contain acid;

Of course, when you feel that your teeth start being sensitive to certain foods or drinks, the first thing you have to do is to address the dentist.

But if you do not have the possibility to address the dentist, then you can diminish the dental sensitivity through:

– daily brushing of the teeth and using of the dental floss for their cleaning;

– using of the toothpaste and toothbrush that are specially recommended for the sensitive teeth;

– consulting the family doctor for verifying the causes of teeth gnashing, most often this is a nervous problem.

Doctor’s advice:

Sergiu Petcu, dentist Smile Dent: dental sensitivity can be easily removed by correct treatment. I recommend to all those who have sensitive teeth to address immediately the dentist because after the investigations, the dentist will know how to help the patient so that he can enjoy a healthy smile. To those who fear the dentist, I can tell that at Smile Dent we use in the dental treatments last generation devices that create minimal discomfort. So, you will treat your teeth in conditions of maximum safety and comfort.”

The dental clinic “Smile Dent” is a clinic equipped with the latest equipment, technologies and advanced materials, reliable means of disinfection and sterilization. We are easy to find, in the center of Chisinau, and we offer free consultations to all patients.

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