Paediatric dentistry

What is the paediatric dentistry?

The paediatric dentistry relates to treating of dental affections at children and it is also known as paedodontics. It is a rather separate branch of the dental industry, which needs special training in order to work with children and involves patience and data about the child’s psychology.

Most dentists do not treat children due to various reasons. But, our clinic has specialists equipped with a lot of patience and delicacy, who take care of little patients, which determines the latter to open heartedly come to the clinic and get trust in our medical staff.

The role of the dental treatment in children is an outstanding one. Children have to be consulted by the doctor and, especially, have to get familiar with the dental practice from an early age. Actually, once the first teeth of the child appeared, they need to be taken care of, a correct brushing and an appropriate treatment, if necessary.

Parents should be attentive to the following details:
• Very often, it occurs that children come to their first dental visit when they feel aching. Therefore, the first visit may be stressful both for the child and the parent. Respectively, the child associates the dentist and dental equipment with a potential „danger, enemy”, and this upgrades the fear to another level, up to absurdity.
• Visits to the dentist should be a pleasant experience, this is why it is a priority that little children get familiar with the environment from the dental clinic, with the equipment, specific sounds and treatments.
• The first visits may be done in a very simple and pleasant way. It is not mandatory that the child seats on the armchair. It is important that he/she adapts to the environment and future dentists as cheerfully as possible.
• The parents have to be aware that, sometimes, more visits are needed for some dental procedures, as the child should not be forced to do things he/she does not want.
• This way such details will produce positive and long-term results, as the child will come and trust in the dentist, and will come courageously to the dental clinic.
• By paying visits in time, you may prevent many problems and affections, such as: dental scaling shrunk (endoalveolie) teeth, which may lead to future serious orthodontic mistakes.
• The child will be taught how to use the tooth brush, steps to make a correct brushing.

Are milk (baby) teeth treated?

Exactly, the baby teeth may be also treated, if they are carious or aching.
Healthy milk teeth will provide your child with a healthy smile, an efficient digestion and a healthy development.

The role of the baby teeth is not only to chew, but also to keep the space between the teeth, to contribute to correct formation of the future permanent dental arcade, thus to prevent orthodontic affections.

Dental caries at temporary teeth rather quickly develops into pulpitis, infection with purulent secretions of the teeth. The milk tooth infection may cause episodes of local dental abscess, discomfort, fever and digestion disorders in little patients. The infection of temporary teeth might be a centre of contagion in the body, may also affect formation of permanent teeth, which are found in the alveolus of the bone jaw under the milk teeth.

When is it recommended for the child to pay the first visit to the dentist?

The first visits to the dentists may be paid already at 2-3 years old. In child’s vision, the visit may be associated to a game. We have gifts in the clinic – toys for children after making the dental procedure.

At the age of 5-6 years old, we cooperate better with children; they grow up and become more open with the dentists.