Make savings on healthy teeth

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We live in times when everything evolves and changes. We want new gadgets, exotic travel, expensive clothes, expensive beauty procedures and the list is endless.

Sometimes, to manage everything we must make savings. But of course we can not save from what is most expensive – the health, including  those of the oral cavity. However, it is also possible to make small savings  keeping your teeth healthy and fulfill other desires.

So to have healthy teeth and put aside some money:

– It is not necessary to use an expensive toothpaste. You can use one at a more affordable price,   with the condition that it contains fluoride and corresponding to your dental needs.

– The toothpaste applied to the brush does  not be very much. For a qualitative brushing of teeth a pea quantity of paste  is enough.

– Replace chewing gum with dental floss. The gum contains sugar that affects tooth enamel and chewed for a long period can increase the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Dental floss is a safe choice more economical and healthier.

– After every meal eat a fruit, preferably apple, banana or citrus to clean your teeth of food particles. Fruits are the best friends of healthy teeth.

– Go to dental examination every six months to prevent further dental problems that will have to be treated anyway but with more money if the situation will degenerate.

Medical advice

Vadim-Vetrila-SmiledentVadim Vetrilă, Smile DENT dentist: “a big part of the population of our country unfortunately does not have a proper oral health education. Older generations grew  with the concept that healthy teeth is not a priority for health in general and the younger generation have the feeling that the maintenance of healthy teeth is costly. Both things are false. With small daily efforts, of brushing teeth, and addressing to the dentist as soon as a dental problem occurs,  anyone can fully enjoy of healthy smiles for a longer period of time. ”

The dental clinic “Smile Dent is a clinic equipped with the latest equipment, technologies and advanced materials, reliable means of disinfection and sterilization. We are easy to find, in the center of Chisinau, and we offer free consultations to all patients.

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