The implant is an artificial tooth root, usually made up of titanium, which is put at the base of the future tooth. The dental implant is in fact a support for the future dental crown. It is important that our patients know that, after introducing an implant, the tooth does not appear immediately, it needs about 4-6 months for osseointegration and, afterwards, the namely process to place the tooth is to be made.

The dental implants are recommended to persons who have a good oral health condition, but due to certain reasons have lost one or more teeth.
Usually, the implanting is made as a surgery, which implies the performing of a simple operation under local anaesthesia.
After an implantology operation at the Smile DENT, you will note that your teeth have such a natural aspect, that you might forget that you lost a tooth at some time.

You may enjoy a rather long period of time with the dental implants made by our dentists, but you must take care of your oral hygiene, these items will be certainly told you by your doctor.

We know how important is the comfort offered by the teeth health for all people, this is why we seriously treat any dental operation, and the dental implants that we made along the years proved to be the perfect solution to dental problems of many patients.