How to correctly choose your dentist

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Many of us are accustomed going to doctor only in cases of emergency.  Perhaps for this reason the word doctor is associated people’s minds with fear. It is curiously, in large part that the dentists are the most fearsome doctors. Pain, discomfort, unpleasant experiences recounted by acquaintances all make fear to grow.

We will not tell you that is not necessary to be afraid of doctors of any kind but especially for dentists, but we’ll come up with some recommendations on how to correctly choose the dentist from whom you will exit with a smile on your face.

  1. Positive references. When we want to find in a hurry a dentist to help us we then quickly appeal to our acquaintances asking them to recommend doctors with whom these ones have had positive experiences with treatments. Do not go to dentists who have committed negligence during treatment. Even if they have lower rates, You are often risking to pay more, at least emotionally.
  2. Attitude towards patient. Certainly when we go to the dentist and we do not receive a proper human treatment we start to panic. If the doctor is nervous, uses terminology unknown to you and he ignores your questions then it would be better to give up the treatment provided by this person. The psychological comfort and explicit information will help you gain confidence in the dentist and to relax.
  3. Hygiene during procedures and the sterility of the tools used. It is a very important aspect not only for the health of your teeth but also for the entire body. Before you leave yourself on the dentist’s hands examine the treatment room. Do not allow the doctor to apply treatment without having to wear the necessary equipment (sterile gloves, masks, etc.).  The inadequate hygiene in the dental office can get You to be infected with hepatitis B or C and other serious diseases.
  4. Accessible location. The accessible location is sometimes equivalent with an effective treatment. The sooner you get to the dentist the less pain you have to endure.
  5. The availability to offer help even when you leave the clinic. It is important to know that You can call your dentist not only for serious treatments but also for disturbing questions or situations created by your teeth.

Medical advice

Vadim-Vetrila-SmiledentVadim Vetrila, dental practitioner Smile DENTA good dentist is primarily a specialist who cares for the patient’s health. Often the people who came to us say that they are afraid, we try to explain them in detail the procedures and treatments used. Also we do our best to provide maximum comfort and safety to patients so that they feel in safe hands and go home smiling.

Take care of your teeth and do not run for low prices of poor treatment – your health is more important than savings.

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