Everything you Should Know about Professional Tooth Cleaning

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Healthy teeth mean, first of all, clean teeth. When we say ‘clean’, we refer to the teeth that do not have particles of leftovers or stains on their surface. Professional tooth cleaning, or tartar removal (stomatological notion for ‘tooth cleaning’), is of great importance for maintaining the oral health.

Tooth brushing twice per day is not often enough to avoid caries and other dental diseases, that’s why it is indicated to clean the teeth professionally at the dentist’s room once in 6 months.

Tartar removal will help you:

– to clean your teeth deeply;

– to neutralise 80% of harmful bacteria in your oral cavity;

– to give a healthy aspect to your teeth.

Despite all myths, this procedure is not painful and does not create any discomfort. However, the most important is the fact that it does not affect the dental enamel in any way.

Certainly, you may appeal to your grandmother’s advice to clean the teeth at home, however, if you want to have really healthy teeth, then you shall choose dentist’s advice.  He/she will offer you the best and safest advice for your teeth.

Dentist’s advice:

Spinu-Eugeniu-medic-stomatologEugeniu Spinu, a physician-dentist at Smile DENT: ‘Tooth cleaning is not a procedure designed only for those persons, who experience problems with their dental hygiene, but for all people. At Smile DENT Clinic, we remove tartar with the help of the procedure called Air flow. It not only deeply cleans teeth but also stimulates local blood circulation. Air flow tooth cleaning is realised through applying a jet of particles that are a mix of sodium bicarbonate and water. As soon as it is projected on the teeth, it cleans and hygienises them deeply. Hence, it is a procedure that can affect teeth in no way and that, as well, does not take much time’.

Take care of your teeth and do not forget that the dentist is the best friend of your smile.

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