When do you understand that you suffer from pulpitis?

The following signs announce you this:
• pain (spontaneous, pulsating, dull) which increases or not in the areas near the jaw;
• sensitivity when you bite or chew, hot or cold;
• unexplained pain in a tooth treated in the past;
• tooth discolouration;
• tooth swelling;
• swollen ganglion around the neck and head.

When you notice one of these signs, you have to immediately look for a doctor.

The Smile Dent dental clinic provides you with a high-quality endodontic treatment, with an efficient anaesthesia when performing the procedure of removing the nerve root, by using more modern techniques, equipment and materials.

The endodontic treatment implies the providing access to and removing the infected or ill pulp of the root canal, mechanical treating and widening of canal. The mechanical treating of root canals is made with disposable sterile endodontic needles. After being mechanically treated, the root canals are thoroughly cleaned with Sodium Hypochlorite of 3%, 5% , Chlorhixidine Solution in order to be sure that the bacteria was destroyed. After taking these steps, the canals are well dried and filled. The obturation means to hermetically close the endodontic space, namely the tooth canals from which the pulp was extirpated. The obturation is made by different techniques, namely Master method with gutta-percha cones and sealler AH +, with Thermophiles, method B with hot gutta-percha. Special equipment is used during the treatment, such as Apex locator, endodontic device, ovens for Thermophiles.

In general, all these procedures are strictly made in order to achieve the best and high quality result, the life of treated tooth will depend on the endodontic treatment’s success.