Dental Tour


The clinic is located in the centre of Chisinau city. You may easily find us, including when the tooth aches hit you at the airport, any taxi service will bring you quickly and easily in 30 minutes to the address str. Ismail 88. And, if you inform us in advance, we may meet and see you to the clinic, in order to remove the dental issue, afterwards we may help you to get home, to the hotel or rented apartment.

Once got to the clinic, out dentists will provide you with the best and qualitative dental treatments and at a reasonable price. Certainly, we also have the option of prior appointment, so that you manage your time and not to stay in a queue to the doctor.

You shall fully trust in our competences and qualifications. We have been working on the dental services market in Moldova since 2011, period when we put passion and made efforts in order to satisfy all our patients, to who our services were provided.

You are always welcomed at the Smile DENT dental clinic.


Although it has a small area, the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination has a great potential represented first of all by the geomorphologic aspect of its territory – an unusual diversity of landscape reservations or scenery and unique geological monuments of European and world value. Over the last decade the priority forms of tourism in the Republic of Moldova have been: rural, wine, cultural tourism, health and beauty tourism.


Vineyards also constitute attractions of the countryside. Over centuries Moldova has gained rich traditions of growing grapes and wine production. There are 142 wineries in the Republic of Moldova, of which 23 have experience and facilities to receive visitors. Here tourists can experience and learn about the complex production processes, see bottling and, of course, sample the final product. The Republic of Moldova’s wine enjoys a good reputation internationally for its quality. As a wine country, the Republic of Moldova offers visitors opportunities to choose their favourite itineraries: underground cellars and towns, wine storage facilities, wine processing factories, production processes of sparkling wine, divin, heres, balsam, etc.

Wineries: Cricova Winery, Milestii Mici Winery, Purcari Winery, Cojusna Winery


The Republic of Moldova has a rich cultural heritage which may be of great interest to tourists. The remains of medieval fortresses, archaeological complexes such as Orheiul Vechi, cave monasteries, nobles’ mansions and peasant houses offer a diversity of visitor attractions. Chisinau, the capital city, features a good number of cultural heritage monuments, fine examples of domestic architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, which might be considered as tourist attractions as well.

Museums: Alexei Mateevici House & Museum, Alexandr Pushkin House & Museum, Constantin Stamati House & Museum, Igor Vieru House & Museum, Museum Complex ‘Old Orhei’, National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, National Archaeology and History Museum of Moldova, Museum of Popular Art, National Gagauz History and Ethnographic Museum ‘Dumitru Cara-Ciobanu’.

Country estates: Zamfir Ralli-Arbore Mansion, the Hunting Castle of Manuc Bei.

Monasteries and Churches: Capriana Monastery, Hincu Monastery, Rudi Monastery, Saharna Monastery, Tipova Monastery, Curchi Monastery, Frumoasa Monastery, Cosauti Monastery, Japca Monastery, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church from Causeni.

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