Dental restoration

The restoring of a tooth is a process by which the morphology, colour, form and function of the natural tooth is rebuild.

For this procedure, our clinic uses up-to-date materials and technologies, with a high biocompatibility. Smile Dent guarantees you the full treatment, by restoring dental hard tissue, remaking anatomic form and function of portion of occluded tooth, by using a wide range of colours, in order to restore the colour of the restored tooth compared to the neighbouring ones. All these measures guarantee a good achievement in making a high-quality aesthetical restoration of a tooth.

Morphological restoration is made by carrying out a detailed examination, which includes functional diagnosis, photo examination, study of models, moulding of future teeth by the dental technician.

The dental restorations are made by thorough preparation of patient. Before starting the namely treatment, the patient is anesthetised, in order to remove tooth sensitivity.

In order to make a qualitative dental restoration, we use Diga (roberdem). Photopolymer materials are modern ones and with a great variety of colours, in order to restore more precisely the colour of the restored tooth. A dental restoration made by our clinical doctors may disguise any defect and, at the same time, will last for a long time.