Advantages of dental whitening in the dental office

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It is still summer  and  we want to look perfect and show our happiness through impeccable smiles.  In nowadays smiles can be complemented by perfect white and beautiful teeth, but also healthy ones.

Modern technologies have shown that the teeth whitening can be carried out without damage to the enamel or our gums. With the condition that is done in the dental office and with the involvement of a doctor who knows his job well.

The main advantages for dental whitening in a dental office are:

– The assistance of a qualified doctor who offers the best solution for the health of your teeth;

– Visible and lasting effect;

– Perfect healthy and white teeth.

Our dentists have chosen to enjoy the patients who want to have white teeth with the most innocuous whitening ways : application  of Opalescence Xtra-Boost gel and  individualized caps for whitening.

The procedure is very simple and even convenient and  the whole treatment last from 7 to 14 days. Whitening is visible up to 2 years.

However, not to everyone is indicated the whitening procedure. Pregnant women, nursing women, people suffering from gingival disease and children up to 15 years will have to  postpone the tooth whitening.

It is also important to note that tooth whitening will have effect only on natural teeth. Fillings, dental implants or dental crowns will not change their color during the treatment.

Medical advice

Spinu-Eugeniu-medic-stomatologEugen Spinu, Smile DENT dentist: “The teeth whitening has become one of the most requested esthetic dental procedure. The patients need to know that the doctor is responsable for the effect of the procedure and the health of your teeth, but the engagement is assumed by both parties. Because if the patient whitens his teeth and he did not offer to the teeth the  appropriate care, he does not come to stomatological consultation every six months and does not comply with the doctor recommendation, he is directly responsible for reducing the whitening effect applied by the doctor on his teeth. “

The dental clinic “Smile Dent” is a clinic equipped with the latest equipment, technologies and advanced materials, reliable means of disinfection and sterilization. We are easy to find, in the center of Chisinau, and we offer free consultations to all patients.

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